What She’s Learned from Online Dating You

My early experience on Match was such a novelty to my roommates that they routinely ordered me to connect my laptop to our big-screen TV so they could live vicariously through my dating journey. To their dismay, I was selective about the matches I chose to meet in person. But after a few weeks of running super-specific searches using keywords like “Seinfeld,” “cheetahs” and “tacos,” I got a message from an adorable Spaniard named Mario who worked in finance. READ MORE ›

Austin’s Best Boutique Hotels

There’s live music at every corner, natural springs for swimming, and new bars and restaurants opening faster than you can say, “Keep Austin Weird.” To explore the capital city’s more intimate corners, book a room at one of its finest boutique hotels. READ MORE ›

Lion Facial Recognition Debuts in Africa

By keeping tabs on the cats' peregrinations, conservationists can better understand where lions find mates, water and prey, for example, as well as the nuanced changes to population dynamics caused by human expansion. READ MORE ›

The SeaQualizer Gives Doomed Fish a Fighting Chance

from Wired

The SeaQualizer got its start on red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico, but later expanded to help rockfish off the California coast and lake-dwelling stripers in the South. It now comes in three different models, including a Deep Water version that saves fish living up to 600 feet beneath the ocean’s surface. READ MORE ›

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