Lion Facial Recognition Debuts in Africa

By keeping tabs on the cats' peregrinations, conservationists can better understand where lions find mates, water and prey, for example, as well as the nuanced changes to population dynamics caused by human expansion. READ MORE ›

The SeaQualizer Gives Doomed Fish a Fighting Chance

from Wired

The SeaQualizer got its start on red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico, but later expanded to help rockfish off the California coast and lake-dwelling stripers in the South. It now comes in three different models, including a Deep Water version that saves fish living up to 600 feet beneath the ocean’s surface. READ MORE ›

The One Big Thing We’re All Doing Wrong on Our Dating Profiles

from Glamour

Suddenly, a proliferation of guys kick off their profiles with bitter, defensive, and sometimes even insulting remarks. The one I see most often goes something like, "I'm 6'1", since height apparently matters to all of you." Some guys opt for pointedly snarky things, such as, "I just looove seeing your yoga poses, and let me guess—you love to travel?" READ MORE ›

Beast Friends: Animal Figurines Worth Collecting

After I moved back to the U.S., I began to accumulate animal-related objects in earnest—little mementos such as elephant pillowcases from Kenya to go along with the cat-themed Limoges boxes my mom began giving me when I was 5, and the four-inch-long Herend figurines from Scully & Scully that my father bought on visits to Manhattan. READ MORE ›

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