Bracken Cave: Home to the World’s Largest Bat Colony

As many as twenty million Mexican free-tailed bats spend their summer months in Bracken Cave, Texas, making it home to the largest congregation of warm-blooded animals in the world. Join me as I capture the unforgettable sight of these bats emerging at dusk to feed and spend time with leading bat expert and photographer, Merlin Tuttle, to discuss the threats facing these often misunderstood mammals. READ MORE ›

Hotel Review: The Marlton in New York City

Brass reading lights flanked a gilded bed frame, whose blue fabric headboard provided a pop of color. Draped across the bed was a faux-fur blanket that I loved for its substantial weight. A black, spidery light fixture dangling from the ceiling added a contemporary twist to the vintage vibe. The cozy room with oak herringbone floors and delicate crown moldings gave me the feeling of being in someone’s brownstone. READ MORE ›

Ending the Sale of All Ivory May the Only Way to Save Africa’s Elephants

We risk losing one of the most intelligent, iconic, and emotionally sensitive animals on the planet—an animal upon which entire ecosystems depend—simply because consumers want aesthetically pleasing products that emphasize their buying potential. All things considered, stopping the trade of ivory seems like a no brainer. READ MORE ›

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