Homeland: Where Insanity Meets Genius

Although her illness comes at a steep cost, it’s clear that Mathison’s ingenuity is inextricably linked to her bipolar disorder. Her first big break occurs in a jazz bar: she discerns a pattern in Brody’s seemingly benign hand movements, her perceptiveness encouraged by the music’s loud, spastic pulsations. READ MORE ›

Falling in Love with Morally Ambiguous Characters

Morally ambiguous plot lines and characters keep viewers guessing, which is crucial to success. Any published writer will tell you that tension and conflict underlie good drama. But how does a show about an unscrupulous meth manufacturer and murderer enjoy widespread success? READ MORE ›

Tech’s Herd Mentality Alienates Non-Adopters

Critical thinking and independence don’t seem to bode well in today’s tech culture, a virtual Pantheon to Apple and Google. Combined, these two companies possess 78 percent of the American smart phone market. According to Bloomberg, Apple enjoys 73 percent of the tablet market. READ MORE ›