Hotel Review: The JW Marriott in Austin

It was spacious, comfortable and outfitted with a healthy dose of Texas accents, including decorative prints dipped in burnt orange and an unusual brown leather quilt draped over the tall wooden headboard. READ MORE ›

Hotel Review: The Marlton in New York City

Brass reading lights flanked a gilded bed frame, whose blue fabric headboard provided a pop of color. Draped across the bed was a faux-fur blanket that I loved for its substantial weight. A black, spidery light fixture dangling from the ceiling added a contemporary twist to the vintage vibe. The cozy room with oak herringbone floors and delicate crown moldings gave me the feeling of being in someone’s brownstone. READ MORE ›

Hotel Review: Topnotch Resort in Stowe

Topnotch is on a five-mile recreation path trailing a winding river — suitable for year-round outings — and close to Smuggler’s Notch State Park. Guests can unwind with a spa treatment or make use of the indoor pool, sauna, steam room and shower, which are comparable to what’s behind closed doors in the spa. READ MORE ›

In San Antonio, Viva Fiesta

Embellished river barges meander along the waterway with city officials and leaders on board. The riverfront where spectators gather is converted to a child-friendly park: amid the folding chairs and oak trees are cascarones — eggshells that have been filled with confetti and sealed with pastel-colored paper — that children can crack over one another’s heads, sending bits of blue, green, and neon pink bursting into the air. READ MORE ›