The More, The Merrier?

The issue is not whether you get married or decide to lead a single life. Nor is it the type of wedding you plan -- a grand affair or a casual gathering of your nearest and dearest. The conversation I intended to kick off boils down to the following question: Why does society celebrate family units more avidly than individuals? As originally stated, "When will barometers of celebration reflect the growing number of singletons?" READ MORE ›

Voyeurism of Violence: New Reality Shows Cross the Line

These days, conversations about violence center on gun control, but there's a lesser evil lurking on our television screens. New reality shows romanticizing twisted relationships -- including Investigation Discovery's Deadly Women, Wicked Attraction, and Frenemies -- marry violence and voyeurism. READ MORE ›

Q&A With Laura Hooper, Star of Crumble

Last week I attended Crumble, a one-woman play in the kitchen of a private home. Along with 15 random theater enthusiasts, I settled into a stranger's Upper West Side apartment for "site-specific theater" -- a term coined by Laura Hooper and Mark O'Neil, English expatriates in New York. READ MORE ›