Protection Money

In October, an unlikely group backed Bracken Cave, a wildlife refuge in Texas that, when millions of female Mexican free-tailed bats come to rear their pups, becomes the world's largest concentration of mammals. READ MORE ›

Zero-Sum Wild Game

"TIGERS and human beings cannot occupy the same space," says Prashanth Kumar Sen, former director of Project Tiger. Human-wildlife conflict arises whenever people and predators share terrain. It is acute in India, where large carnivores like tigers and leopards coexist with dense human populations. Although only 5% of Indian land is classified as protected, India's population of 1.24 billion means that 5m people dwell inside the country’s natural havens. READ MORE ›

Slow Demise

DEMAND for wildlife parts is pushing many species to the brink of extinction. In China, where a rising middle class flaunts wealth by displaying ivory at home, traders call elephant tusks "white gold". But elephants, tigers, rhinos and other "charismatic megafauna" are not the only animals in trouble. READ MORE ›

Musicians as Entrepreneurs

Tethered to electronics, we forget that for centuries individuals were expected to read, write and perform for one another, in the flesh. Music enjoyed a particularly intimate history. Until the 17th century, secular music was played solely within one’s home. READ MORE ›