Chimp Sighting on a Conservation Trip in Tanzania’s Mahale Range

We are crouched low to the ground, hovering like flies. Caesar rolls onto his back, exposing his belly as he scratches his brow. At this distance, I can see the individual lashes, so like ours, surrounding his coffee-colored eyes. For a while, he watches us; poses for us; seems to want to communicate with us. READ MORE ›

Namibia’s Re-Wilding Efforts Give Hope to Orphaned Cheetahs

A goat has gone missing, the fifth in a month's time. A farmer locates its half-eaten carcass several days later and blames the wild cheetah he's seen darting across his property during early sun-drenched mornings. READ MORE ›

Visiting Sossusvlei: a Conservation Trip through the Namib Desert

For the first time in three weeks I am alone, driving from Windhoek toward the Namib Desert beneath a ubiquitous blue sky, its presence above the savannah creating the illusion of a flat, wide Earth. Traffic quiets as the landscape shifts, from dramatic rock piles that converge incongruously to the Naukluft Mountains, a sort of highway toward the dunes. READ MORE ›

Wild Voluntourism: One Story of Working with Big Cats in Namibia

It was pitch-black as I walked to my cabin after my first day of volunteering at a big cat sanctuary in Namibia. Reflecting on my day as I navigated the contours of the dirt path, I recalled grueling work in the bush. READ MORE ›