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South Africa: A Conservation Thrill

It’s gratifying to witness conservation in action, and I know this elephant will benefit from today’s work, but I feel sad, too. My species may be helping endangered animals, but we humans are the reason they’re at risk in the first place. And for what? Mantelpiece ornaments? READ MORE ›

Inside the high-tech, last-ditch effort to save the northern white rhino

“When it comes to using new techniques on ­endangered species, we don’t have the luxury of trial and error,” ­Hildebrandt says. “Precision is essential.” READ MORE ›

Can Storytelling Save Wildlife?

Stories also bring communities together by engendering “empathy and coherence”; we’re far more likely to understand another person’s position when emotions and narratives are involved. And, finally, stories build webs that help us rewrite our own personal narratives, not to mention cultural and mythic frameworks. READ MORE ›

Autumn Foraging in the U.K.

Foraging reconnects us to nature, which in turn facilitates improved mental and physical health, is sustainable, and provides nutritious food for free. If you become a foraging expert, you can also greatly expand your plant-based diet since nature offers more variety than supermarkets READ MORE ›