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Voyeurism of Violence: New Reality Shows Cross the Line

These days, conversations about violence center on gun control, but there's a lesser evil lurking on our television screens. New reality shows romanticizing twisted relationships -- including Investigation Discovery's Deadly Women, Wicked Attraction, and Frenemies -- marry violence and voyeurism. READ MORE ›

Homeland: Where Insanity Meets Genius

Although her illness comes at a steep cost, it’s clear that Mathison’s ingenuity is inextricably linked to her bipolar disorder. Her first big break occurs in a jazz bar: she discerns a pattern in Brody’s seemingly benign hand movements, her perceptiveness encouraged by the music’s loud, spastic pulsations. READ MORE ›

The Men Tell All- Until We Shut Them Up

I don't care if you're the Bachelorette or an average Joe: you have complexities and flaws, and your would-be partner should know about them before long-term commitments are made. Whether that's possible on reality TV is a discussion for another day... READ MORE ›