Reunion Retrospective: Life After Law School

I felt so grown up when I turned up for day one of my J.D. It seemed as though I'd finally crossed the line into full-fledged adulthood. Then someone handed me a locker key. READ MORE ›

Kim Kardashian Divorce: the Irrelevant News that Ruined my Halloween

It should have been a joyous day, one filled with pumpkins, trick-or-treating, candy-induced food comas and epic costumes, but I was busy grumbling about the most unlikely source: Kim Kardashian. The big-bottomed, buxom faux-celebrity who insists on inserting her giant assets into seemingly every realm of media. READ MORE ›

The Little Writer Who Couldn’t Spell: 30 Years of Bizarre Storytelling

After exorcising my bowl cut demons, I set out to unearth my storytelling roots.One day in the very distant future, having published countless obscure and arguably entertaining stories, people will want to know how it all began. At the very least, my friends and family will, as evidenced by the fact that they regularly ask not-so-subtle questions about whether my New York law license may be easily reactivated. READ MORE ›